專業導師團隊 Professional Teaching Team



“Our work is highly recognized by institutes and the industry” Miss Esther Yu, our program director, was selected as the outstanding graduates for her achievements in the past years. Maintaining a good reputation, we are grateful to have a team of professional teachers who embrace our values and culture. And we are determined to protect teachers’ benefit.

音樂專業資 Qualifications

 •   香港或海外音樂學府畢業
 •   或 皇家音樂學院/聖三一音樂學院/中央音樂學院演奏文憑資格
 •   或 皇家音樂學院/聖三一音樂學院八級演奏資格/中央音樂學院九級,同時擁 有超過五年的教學經驗

•   Graduated from music institutes/conservatories/universities in Hong Kong or overseas
•   or performance diplomas by ABRSM / Trinity / Central Concervatory of Music (Beijing)
•   or Grade 8 Certificate by ABRSM / Trinity or Grade 8 Certificate by Central Concervatory of Music (Beijing) and having over 5 years of teaching experiences

教學要求 Requirements

•   有工作熱誠,認同及願意實踐教學理念
•   維持愉快學習,以讚賞誘發學習動機 
•   熟讀本課程之導師手冊及應用教學方法
•   妥善管理課堂秩序
•   保持上課地點整潔 
•   準時並全年出席率達百份之九十以上 
•   遵行校方之導師守則
•   每堂填寫教學日誌,報告教學內容及個別學生狀況
•   持有"性罪行定罪紀錄查核機制"發出之信件, 並沒有觸犯任何性罪行 
•   合乎教育局最新的新冠病毒疫苗接種要求

•   Passionate and willing to practice MPHK’s values and concepts 
•   Embrace enjoyable learning, motivate students by showing appreciation 
•   Maintain teaching standards
•   Good classroom management 
•   Keep classroom clean
•   Punctual and > 90% attendance 
•   Follow schools’ instructions
•   Report weekly lesson progress and individual student’s performance 
•   Passed SCRC checking
•   Fulfilled EDB’s vaccination requirement


「……我覺得導師工作坊、獨家教材,讓導師能清楚了解自己的職責和教學方向。在家長方面,我們以多元化的方式讓家長能了解小朋友的學習進度和成長,例如使用Facebook、Instagram、電話聯絡等等……」長笛導師 鍾影霖

 “……I find the instructors workshops provide us with a clear note of responsibility and teaching direction. With multiple channels including Facebook, Instagram and phone call, we let parents know more about the learning progress of their children. At the end of each term, we offer reports of learning assessment of each child……” Ms. CHUNG Ying Lam Sammi, Flute Instructor

「……課程的配套令我在教學上有很大的方便,例如在課堂中會利用網上資源跟同學一起拉奏音階和考試曲目等;另外, 行政同事處理效率高亦令學生進度和需要有更好的配合,令教學事半功倍。」小提琴導師  郭曉敏 

“…… I find the curriculum and resources have provided me with huge convenience. For example,  I can use the online resources to teach the exam pieces and scales at ease. In addition, the admin colleagues, who display high efficiency at work, promptly respond to students’ needs. The support help teaching and learning progress to achieve higher effectiveness.” KWOK Hiu Man, Violin Instructor

「……課程組同事會幫忙聯絡家長,關心學生情況,鼓勵學生在有限時間練習。」大提琴導師  徐旺華

“……In most cases, colleagues of the team would contact parents to show care, and offer help to students so as to ensure them catching up learning schedule.” TSUI Wong Wa, Cello Instructor

「敲擊樂啟蒙課程教材內容完備,除了教授敲打小鼓和琴的要訣外,還包括樂理的知識。由最基本的技巧到較進階的內容,讓學生能由淺入深,循序漸進地學習,更快掌握敲打的竅門 ……」 敲擊導師 莊穎哲

 “The curriculum of the elementary course for percussion is comprehensive. In addition to the skills and knowledge of playing snare drum and tuned percussions, the book includes music theory. The step-by-step approach is effective in helping students gradually advance their skills……” CHONG Wing Chit, Percussion Instructor

「學生很喜歡上小組樂器課,而MPHK課堂安排也很完善,為同學設計一款獨待的教材,每年按不同情怳及學生程度為學生提供公開考試配套安排……」敲擊導師 李盛潮
「……課程組同事會幫忙聯絡家長,關心學生情況,鼓勵學生在有限時間練習。」大提琴導師  徐旺華

 “Students like group class very much. From a well-arranged lesson to a uniquely designed set of teaching materials, MPHK provides good support to students according to their levels…… ” Stephen LEE, Percussion Instructor 

成果分享音樂會是一個很好的平台,給學生每年都有演出的機會, 亦能讓學生體驗到音樂所帶來的歡樂……」銅管導師 黃文健

“The school concert gives students a very good platform to perform and experience the joy of making music……” WONG Man Kin, Brass Instructor